sponsorship and exhibition

IWRA’s 1st Islands Water Congress provides an excellent platform to elevate your organization’s visibility as an official sponsor. The guide below outlines three packages for your consideration. Select the bundle that best suits the needs of your organisation or institution.

Please feel free to contact us over email if you have other sponsorship and benefit requirements (email: oei@jf.fo)

Exhibition booth (DKK: 8.000)

We sincerely welcome water science technology and policy research institutions, water management institutions, engineering project management institutes, relevant international organisations, consulting companies and water governance to participate in our limited exhibition.

There is room for six booths of an approximate size of 3 x 2 m2. (Kindly send an email to oei@jf.fo for more information)

For any questions/concerns, please reach out to islands.congress@iwra.org

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