To be part of something different that will make a real impact to the host island, to other islands and, where possible, also to non-island nations and communities. Here are some more specific key takeaways you can expect from attending:

Why attend if you are a practitioner (water managers and technicians)?

– Connect with professionals, experts, and peers in the water industry.
– Share experiences, challenges, and best practices.
– Learn about cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and research in water management.
– Gain insights into emerging trends, regulations, and industry standards.
– Explore case studies and success stories that could offer ideas for addressing your own challenges.
– Get inspired by success stories, innovative projects, and advancements in water management.
– Understand global water challenges, conservation efforts, and the importance of sustainable water management.

Why attend if you work in the private sector (industry and company representatives)?

– Gain valuable insights into industry trends, market demands, and emerging technologies.
– Explore new business opportunities, partnerships, and joint ventures.
– Stay informed about regulatory changes that may affect your business operations.
– Establish connections with decision-makers, industry influencers, and experts.
– Build relationships that could lead to business growth and partnerships.
– Participate in panel discussions, workshops, and presentations to establish your company as a leader.

Why attend if you are a policymaker (politicians and technocrats)?

– Learn about successful policies and strategies implemented in different regions.
– Exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices with peers from around the world.
– Gain insights into public perspectives, concerns, and priorities regarding water issues
– Use this information to better communicate policies and engage with voters.
– Use your platform to drive positive change in water management practices.

Why attend if you are an academic / researcher (from the sciences, policy, and law)?

– Stay updated on the latest research trends, findings, and advancements in water-related studies.
– Establish collaborations, partnerships, and potential research projects.
– Attend workshops, training sessions, and seminars to enhance your research skills and methodologies.
– Contribute to global efforts in addressing water-related challenges.

For any questions/concerns, please reach out to islands.congress@iwra.org

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